Green Room

Saturday, May 27 1:00pm (PINK)
PP3 - Four little swans from Swan Lake
Jr Jazz Company - Arctic Winds
Ian's Hip Hop Co - A Bunch of Gumbas (Spring Showcase piece)
Saturday, May 27 5:00pm (BLUE)
Pro Track Ballet and Jazz combined - Makeba
Sr Tap Company - Hummingbird
Sr Jazz Company - LaLa
Sr Jazz Company - I Love You
Sunday, May 28 2:00pm (PURPLE)
PP3 - White Swan Variation from Swan Lake
Jr Tap Company - A Rain Forest Frolic
Ian's Hip Hop Co - A Bunch of Gumbas
Sunday, May 28 6:15pm (GREEN)
Sr Jazz - Global Warming
PP3 - Viva Vivaldi!
Sr Modern Company - Take in the Air
High School students, please watch for arrival times on this page.  Info coming soon!
If your performer's company is not listed to perform in Défilé above, they will NOT have company class for the remainder of the session.