Green Room

Images are now online from the 2018 Spring Showcase performance!

To view them, please click this link:
Password: 031018
As you look at the gallery of images, you can click on any image to enlarge it.  There are navigation arrows on the left and right of the enlarged image that will let you move through the images one at a time.  If you click the "X" in the upper right corner of the window you will be taken back to the Gallery View.
The file name of each image is DCN SpShow 2018 followed by a 3-digit number.  The file name will be displayed as you hover your mouse over each image in the Gallery; you can also see it in the lower left hand corner if you are viewing just one image at a time.  If you are viewing the gallery on your phone the file names will not be displayed.
Once you select the images you wish to purchase and click "Checkout", you will be given the opportunity to adjust the cropping if you wish.  Tax and shipping will be added when you complete your order.
Please note that all images are protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reposted without permission.
Prints are available for purchase online at the following prices:
4x6: $9.00
5x7: $15.00
8x10: $21.00
Thank you, and enjoy the images!
Studio West Photography
847.362.9060 studio