Green Room

Attention Performers... we have an exciting announcement!  We are running an "Earth Song" Ticket Contest!  Click here for details.  You also have hard copies of this information in your performer file folders.
Click here to download the FINAL CAST NOTE for 'Earth Song'
Click here to download the DVD order form for 'Earth Song'
Click here to view the tentative ORDER OF SHOW for 'Earth Song'
Click here to view the tentative QUICK CHANGE CHART for ''Earth Song'
Saturday, 3/18
8:45a-10:30a  BRAVO volunteers transport floor & costumes; lay dance floor at LHS
10:30a-12:00p  Warm-Up Class at DCN
12:30p-5:00p  Blocking Rehearsals at LHS (see Final Cast Note for specific schedule)
3:45p-4:15p  BRAVO volunteers drop off food at LHS for Performer Welfare
4:30p-5:30p  Food Service in lobby at LHS for cast & crew
5:30p-8:00p  Final Dress Rehearsal at LHS- full costumes, hair, & make-up (anticipated dismissal for dancers only in Act 1 is 7:00p)
Sunday, 3/19
Libertyville High School Theatre
Performer Call - 12:45p
Warm Up Class - 1:00p
Performance - 3:00p
Roll Up Floor, Pack Up Costumes, Move Out - approx 5:00p
Spring Performing Company Families - the BRAVO signup for Spring jobs is live & ready!  Please follow the link to sign up-  

As you begin choosing your jobs, please be advised-

1. Each family is required to accrue a minimum of 30 pts (50 pts if you have more than one child in Spring companies).  If you are able to assist beyond the minimum requirement, we can always use extra hands!

2. Please sign up for only ONE job within Performer Welfare.  Many of you love providing food to the cast during their long rehearsal days.  We want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to do so.  This also helps ensure that we have enough volunteers for Dance Jam, Défilé, & Summer Show.

3. Unlike Nutcracker, if you choose to usher the show, you may still purchase a ticket for the performance.  All ushers will be relieved of their duties moments before the show is about to begin.

4. Parents of High School students, we strongly encourage you to volunteer for the evening Défilé concerts, allowing the parents of grade school children to work the early shows and sit in the audience for their child's performances in the evening. 
Tickets will go on sale for the 2017 Spring Showcase "Earth Song" on Thursday, February 16th at 11:00am in the Dancenter North office.
Orchestra - $30
Main Floor - $20
Balcony - $15
Main Rear - $10
Sunday, 5/7  
"DANCE JAM" @ Dancenter North (Dinner / Theatre event)
Watch for communications regarding this performance.  Not all Spring companies will be involved.  
Saturday & Sunday, 5/27 & 5/28
Défilé Concerts @ Carmel High School Auditorium
Watch for communications regarding this performance.  Various pieces will be selected to perform at the concerts on Memorial Day weekend.