Green Room

Performing Companies... please send in your Défilé RSVPs to Emily Malkowski ASAP.  Pieces are being selected for the concerts the week of 5/1. 
"LaLa" - Sr Jazz Co
"Steam Heat" - Int Broadway Class
"Grand Canyon" - Sr Tap Co
"Structured Improv" - Modern Co
"Old Faithful" - Jr Jazz Co
"Untitled" - Pro Track Ballet
"A Rain Forest Frolic" - Jr Tap Co
"Untitled" - Adv Modern Co
"Untitled" - Hip-Hop Co
"Luna Aestus" - PP1B 
"Zoot Suit Riot" - Jr & Sr Tap Co
"Untitled" - PP3
"Moving West" - Adv Broadway Class
"Papa Oom Mow Mow" - DCN Singers
"Hummingbird" - Sr Tap Co
"Wind" - PP1A
"Where Are You Now?" - Hip-Hop Co
"Untitled" - Pro Track Jazz
"Funny Filler" - Jr Tap Co
"Solo" - Hannah Sachs
"Revolting Children" - Summer 2016 Broadway Students
"Vivaldi's Concerto" - PP2
"Past Lives" - Pro Track Ballet & Jazz
Sunday, 4/30  
3:30 pm           CAST CALL
4:00-7:00 pm   DRESS REHEARSAL (costumes + hair; no makeup)
Sunday, 5/7  
2:00 pm            "Dolci Partito" performance
6:00 pm            "Danza Teatro" performance
*call times TBA
All cast should bring a sack dinner.  Food will not be provided to the cast.
Saturday & Sunday, 5/27 & 5/28
Défilé Concerts @ Carmel High School Auditorium
Watch for communications regarding this performance.  Various pieces will be selected to perform at the concerts on Memorial Day weekend.