Green Room

Congratulations to all of our 2018/19 Performing Company members!  It's going to be a fantastic season!

Please check this Green Room often for important company information.  All performers also have a company member file folder, located outside of Studio 2.  Please check your folder each and every time you are at DCN.

SPRING SHOWCASE - "Time Travels"
CLICK HERE to download the Spring Showcase DVD order form
CLICK HERE to download the Saturday, May 11th DCN CLASS SCHEDULE
IMPORTANT DATES - please watch your email, cast file folders, and the Green Room for important info and scheduling details!
Saturday, May 11 - Spring Showcase Tech & Dress @ LHS CLICK HERE to download the updated SHOWCASE WEEKEND CAST NOTE
Sunday, May 12 @ 5:00 pm - Spring Showcase Performance @ LHS

REVISED Order of Show

1. Sr Jazz Co Small Group (So Much Better)

2. PP2 Ballet Co (Kettentanz)

3. Sr Tap (Everything Old Is New Again) *ADDED*

4. Sr Modern Co (Game Changer)

5. Jr Hip Hop Co (Do You Love Me)

6. Pro Track Jazz (Do You Remember)

7. Broadway Co (Thouroughly Modern Mille)

8. Pro Track Combined

9. Jr Jazz Co (Rich Man's Frug)


10. PP3 Ballet Co (Paquita)

11. Jr Jazz Co (You Should Be Dancing) *ADDED*

12. Pro Track Ballet

13. PP1B Ballet Co (Daydream)

14. Jr Tap Co (New Shoes)

15. Sr Jazz Co Small Group (The Chain)


16. Sr Hip-Hop Co (Remind Me To Forget)

17. PP1A Ballet Co (Ping Pong)

18. Pro Track Jazz (I Love You)

19. Jr Jazz Co (Bookends)

20. Sr Tap Co (Dances With Wood)

21. Jr Modern Co (Feeling Of Now)

22. Sr Jazz Co Large Group (Symphony)



Spring BRAVO sign up is now live!  A link was sent via email to all performing company families.  Please email Samantha Robison with questions.