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540 N Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, IL 60048

847-367-7970 (office)   847-367-9191 (Avenue 21 Dancewear)   847-367-7905 (fax)    info@dancenter-north.com 

Dancenter North, founded by Cheri Lindell in 1974, is located at the SE corner of Milwaukee Avenue and School Street next to Starbucks.  There is street parking available as well as free public parking lots behind the studio.  



Mondays         11:00a - 8:00p 

Tuesdays        11:00a - 8:00p

Wednesdays    9:00a - 8:00p

Thursdays       11:00a - 8:00p

Fridays            CLOSED 

Saturdays        8:30a - 2:00p

Sundays          CLOSED 



Karen Sue Landrian, Director

Stacy Keller, Artistic Advisor

Louise Tapio, School Administrator

Samantha Robison, Operations Manager

Emily Malkowski, Production Manager

Tony Braskich, Technical Director

Jan Craven, Wardrobe Mistress

Cheryl Fszol, Avenue 21 Operations Manager

Tara Joyce, Reception

Lisa Muller, Reception

Tiffany Soler, Reception




Registration for Fall 2017 classes is now open! Tuition for all classes is prorated.  You can register online for Fall 2017 classes only if you are paying in full by credit card. To register, click on the Registration link in the menu bar and follow the directions to complete the process.  If you would like to take advantage of our payment plan, pay by check or cash, or you need to redeem a coupon or gift certificate, please register in person or over the phone.  Our staff is happy to assist you!  If you have any questions, please call us at (847) 367-7970.

Defile ('day-feh-'lay) is our culminating performance in May for all registered students ages 3-14.

Classes for our FALL 2017 session are 8/19/17 - 12/16/17.  Click here to view our 2017/18 School Calendar.  There are 16 weeks of classes during the Fall session.  Tuition is paid per session and is due at the time of registration, accompanied by an annual family registration fee of $30 (the registration fee is applied once each academic year, August through the following July, regardless of when a family registers).  Registration is accepted at any time online, in person, or via mail, phone, or fax.  Prorated tuition is also available after the start of the session for Fall & Spring session classes.  Prorating is not available for Summer session classes.  


Tuition is paid by the semester and is due at the time of registration.  A full refund will be provided (less a $40 processing fee) for all class withdrawls up until the first day of the session.  Absolutely no refunds will be issued beginning the first day of the session.  Medical credits will be given if injury/medical condition exceeds two weeks and is accompanied by a doctor's note.  Credit will be applied to the next semester's tuition only.  Dancenter North requires a minimum of 5 registered students by the first day of the session in order for a class to run.  Classes that do not meet the requirement will be canceled.

Multi-Class Discount- When a family registers for two or more classes in a session, there is a 10% discount applied to all eligible classes, less fees. The multi-class discount is applied before eligibility for individual/family carte blanche is determined.

Individual Carte Blanche- Individual carte blanche is determined after the multi-class discount has been applied to one student's eligible tuition total and earns unlimited classes for $1,550 per 16-week session ($1,800 per 19-week session). Fees do not contribute towards individual carte blanche eligibility.

Family Carte Blanche- Family carte blanche is determined after the multi-class discount has been applied to all students' eligible tuition total and earns unlimited classes for all family members for $3,000 per 16-week session ($3,450 per 19-week session).  Fees do not contribute towards individual carte blanche eligibility.

Fees- Applicable registration-related fees include registration fees, défilé fees, class fees (including Pro Track, company classes, camps and workshops), class change fees, and late registration fees. Fees are not subject to discounts or carte blanche eligibility.

Annual Registration Fee- There is a charge of $30 applied to each family registering for classes. This fee is charged one time per family per year regardless of discounts or carte blanche eligibility.

Change of Class Fee- In the Spring Session, there is a charge of $5 applied to all class changes that occur after the first three weeks of the session.  


We welcome new students all year!  Come try us out for FREE!  Students may join any beginning level class without an evaluation (including all Early Childhood classes), so long as they meet the posted age requirement. Students with prior experience wishing to join a higher level class must be evaluated by a Dancenter North instructor.  Evaluations are scheduled through the office.  Trial classes are free of charge (one free class per student, per discipline).  Click here to download a Single Class Evaluation Form.  Please contact the office to schedule your trial class: 847-367-7970 or info@dancenter-north.com


Warm-up exercises are for your benefit and missing this important time of class could be detrimental and lead to injuries.  It is also a distraction to have latecomers walk into the classroom.  Please be prepared to sit and observe class at the teacher's discretion if you are late.  Students will not be allowed to leave class early.  It is disruptive to the class and could lead to injury if not properly cooled down.


Missed a class?  No problem!  Missed classes may be made up any time during the current term in a similar type of class at the missed class level or below.  Please come into the office to request a make up slip or click here to download the form. Make up slips will only be accepted according to attendance records for the current semester.  Any classes not made up during the term are forfeited.


All classes, with the exception of company rehearsal classes and Professional Track classes, are available as single class drop-ins.  There is no need to schedule ahead of time, simply find your desired class online at http://register.dancenter-north.com/Login/index , pay for the class, then show your electronic receipt to the instructor!  You may also stop by the office during regular business hours to pay for drop-in classes.  Single Class Fees are $18 for classes 1 hour or less, $22 for classes over 1 hour, $30 for partnering classes.


Concerning snow and other inclement weather, Dancenter North will make decisions regarding potential class cancellations no later than two hours prior to classes beginning on any particular day.  Notices will be posted directly on the home page of our website:  http://www.dancenter-north.com 

We are committed to the safety of all students and staff.  We ask that families be proactive when weather takes a turn for the worse.  As always, if you are not comfortable traveling, please take advantage of our liberal make up policy.  When Dancenter North closes the studio due to weather, classes for that day will not be rescheduled.  Students are welcome to make up their missed classes anytime within the current session.


Click here to view our Parent Guidebook for Early Childhood Dance