Free Placement Classes


Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 12:30pm to 6:30pm


Dancenter North - 540 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville

We welcome new students all year!  Come try us out for FREE!  Students may join any beginning level class without an evaluation (including all Early Childhood classes), so long as they meet the posted age requirement.  Students with prior experience wishing to join a higher level class must be evaluated by a Dancenter North instructor.  CLICK HERE to download a Single Class Evaluation Form.  

Sunday, May 5th at our current location in downtown Libertyville 

ages 7-10      12:30-1:30    Ballet/Jazz combo

ages 11-13    1:45-2:45      Ballet 

ages 11-13    3:00-4:00      Jazz

ages 14-18    4:00-5:00      Jazz

ages 14-18    5:00-6:30     Ballet

No need to register.  Experienced ballerinas should bring their pointe shoes to class.  Please call the office with questions or for additional information.  We're here to help!  847-367-7970