Boys Scholarship Program


The Dancenter North Boys Scholarship Program is for boys ages 6-18. It is designed to promote athletic skills, flexibility, self-discipline, musicality, mental focus, creativity, & strength; and to instill a love and appreciation for dance!


This program requires a one-year commitment to dance training with DCN. No prior dance training is required.


Applicants are reviewed by Stacy Keller, director of Dancenter North. Scholarships are not guaranteed and will vary by recipient. Scholarships contribute towards tuition only. Recipients are responsible for annual registration fees, production fees & Défilé fees.


Dancenter North also requires scholarship recipients to fulfill “Studio Service Hours”contributing to the overall success of the studio. Details of how to contribute towards service hours will be provided with acceptance letters.


Scholarship recipients are allowed three absences per semester. Excessive absences will lead to dismissal from the program. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our make-up class policy to minimize absences on their attendance records.


Applications must be completed in full and submitted to Dancenter North by August 13, 2022.


Applications may be submitted in hard copy via the office or electronically to Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.


CLICK HERE to download the Boys Scholarship Application