Green Room


The Spring 2020 BRAVO Signup is live!  Thank you for volunteering to help make this season AMAZING!

CLICK HERE to volunteer (the access code was sent via email by Samantha Robison)


ALL COMPANY PERFORMING MEMBERS ~ Please be sure the following items are completed ASAP!

1. Return the electronic form sent by Ms. Emily (Dance Jam/Défilé availability + Costume Measurements)

2.  Register for your Company Class and be sure your production fee is paid


All company members and their families should visit this Green Room often for up-to-date information about rehearsals, BRAVO, and more.



JAN 4                                                      Spring Classes Begin

MAR 8                                                     Dance Jam Run-Thru

MAR 15                                                   Dance Jam

MAR 23 - MAR 29                                    Spring Break (no classes or rehearsals)

APR 5                                                     Spring Showcase Studio Run-Thru

APR 24                                                   Spring Showcase Tech & Dress Rehearsal

APR 25                                                   Spring Showcase Performance (time TBD)

MAY 23, 24                                              Défilé