We like to think of Défilé as a "concert-graduation".  It gives our students an opportunity to perform on the stage in a comfortable situation without hours of rehearsal and tons of pressure.  Parents can witness the progress their student has made over the year.  It isn't a big spectacle with fancy costumes and sets.  Dancenter North borrowed this concept from the Paris Opera Ballet School who present a Défilé (translation: parade) each year at the end of their season.


Students are presented on stage at Carmel High School Auditorium at the end of the Spring session in a series of 4 concerts on May 20-21, 2023 (tentatively).  The full concert schedule will be published on this page.  Pay close attention to which color concert(s) your child is performing in!  


All students in technique classes starting with Early Childhood classes up through our graduating 8th graders participate in Défilé.  Elective classes (such as Leaps & Turns, Foot & Ankle Conditioning, etc.) are not presented in Défilé.  Mommy & Me students, High School students, & Adult students do not participate either.


Dancenter North believes that class time should be spent developing technique.  For that reason, practice for Défilé is kept at a minimum and rehearsed only during a small fraction of class time.


The fee (which is paid during Spring registration) supports the production of our annual concerts as well as the supplement to your student's apparel for their performance.  Your child is charged $35 per dance discipline in which they are enrolled for the Spring Session (ie. Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, etc).  Your child will not be charged twice within one discipline, as they will only perform with one class per discipline.













































Pre-Ballet & Kinder Ballet (PINK CONCERT): Pink Full Elastic Waist Tutu

Ballet 1 (PURPLE CONCERT): Pink Two-Tiered Chiffon Pull-On Skirt

Ballet 1 Accelerated (PURPLE CONCERT): Blue Two-Tiered Chiffon Pull-On Skirt     

Ballet 2A (PURPLE CONCERT): Purple Two-Tiered Chiffon Pull-On Skirt    

Ballet 2B, 3A, 3B, Basic Ballet (GREEN CONCERT):  White Romantic Juliet Tutu  

If you are purchasing a Juliet tutu for the first time, please read on for instructions on how to care for your brand new skirt.

TAKE TUTUS OUT OF THE BAG AND HANG THEM RIGHT AWAY! There is nothing worse than walking out the door to the theatre and realizing your child's tutu is a wrinkled, loofa-esque mess. 

HANG IT INSIDE-OUT. This will help give the tutu perk and bounce.

DON’T USE AN IRON! A hot iron will melt the tulle. Most costume manufacturers have long turn-around times (typically 3 months!), so securing a replacement is near impossible.

STEAM IT. Use a steamer (not an iron!) and pull outward gently on the ends to smooth the wrinkles. If you don’t have a steamer handy, hang the tutu inside-out in the bathroom and run the hot water for a while, creating your own steam room. Use your hands to gently pull and smooth the wrinkles.

BE WEARY OF WATER SPOTS. Many times tutus will be edged with satin or other water sensitive trims. If opting for a light spray from the water bottle, make sure it is set on a very fine mist and spray from a distance. It’s always a good idea to test a small area on the underside first.

WASHING MACHINE = TUTU DEATH. This may sound like a no-brainer, but tutus are delicate and even the “gentle” cycle on your washing machine spells certain death for your tutu.

IN THE CASE OF A COSTUME DISASTER, NOTIFY THE COSTUME MANAGER OR STUDIO DIRECTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. While we might be tempted to believe that the skirt fairy will fly into the closet with a new tutu while we sleep peacefully, we have to get real. Costume replacements or mending are a time-sensitive issue. The faster you come out with it, the faster and more probable it is that your issue will be solved.


Ballet 4, 5, 6 (GREEN CONCERT):  White Practice Tutu 




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Studio West will send personalized digital links to each family so that you may order pictures!  Links are expected to be sent approximately 4 weeks after the concerts.



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